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My Retirement Project: 1977 Pinto & 2.7L Ecoboost

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Found my Pinto this summer that I had to have. Owner lived in Arizona, got work transferred to Portland, OR and had it setting in the garage for the last 2 years. First words out of his mouth when I showed up was "I wish you hadn't show up".

Having graduated in 1970 that era vehicles left a lasting impression and I always thought the Pinto's were so ugly .. I had to have it.

Current plans are to install the 2.7L Ecoboost engine/transmission from a purchased salvage 2016 F150.

I've explored only a tiny bit of this sites wisdom but have had my eyes opened already. Slow but sure.

These are the plans I have too. Either an Ecoboost or a supercharged 4.0 SOHC. Either would be LOTS of fun in the light Pintos.

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Visited the Des Moines, Iowa Goodguys Auto Show this year and saw a unbelievable neat 67 Mustang with the 2.3L Ecoboost which he said was jacked up to over 300+ hp. You wouldn't believe the amount of spare room he had in the engine bay.

I have the 2.7L Engine/Transmission setting in my garage so I'm committed. My 2015 F150 has the 2.7L and I wouldn't want to be without it.

V6s have torque too compared to the 4. I have a turbo 2015 Chevy Sonic (fit my budget) and it's got a 1.4L turbo motor. Awesome on gas, but now I know what they mean when they talk about turbo lag.

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Been also looking at the 3.5 ecoboost , and the 3.7 non turbo , the 2.7 is almost the same , still have not made up my mind on which engine or drive system I am going to use on my 79 cruze wagon , which had the 2.8 V-6 in it , planned on useing a 4.0 which I have for a spare for mt 93 ranger , did a test fit and will work , same mounts and the stock C-4 will bolt up to it , even the flywheel , BUT !  the engine is no longer made and perfomance parts are almost none , next I looked at my friend F-150 with the 3.5 Ecoboost , took a ruler to is and looks like it would fit nicley , so done some research and also found the 3.7 non turbo in the mustang was at 300 hp and gave 30 MPG , now we are getting someplace , they do make bellhousings to fit the C-4 , T-5 , and other transmissions , for these engines , next you have to make a oil pan to make it work , looks like a easy one , the oil pump is in the front and you have to have a front sump pan , went on line a found a few intake mainifods that were made up for them , the water pump is inside and out of the way , that is my first choise , last was a wrecked Tesla P100D drive train , I retire in one year and now looking to pick up the things I need to do this if they will fit , the engine is as wide as a 5.0 but short , and I believe is lighter than a 2.3 Lima Pinto engine , please post some photos of it if or when you start , my retirement pinto project building is now finished now on the collecting the goodies i need , Later Blaine


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