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My Retirement Project: 1977 Pinto & 2.7L Ecoboost

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The 2.7L Ecoboost has the High Pressure Fuel Pump (pass side) & Vacuum Pump (drive side) driven off of the Overhead cams.

Kind'a creates an issue along with the rear sump. Called Ford Performance & no front sump.

My solution right or wrong is to move the front wheels 4 - 5 inches forward and cut the firewall minimally.

I'm dreaming that a Ford Fusion racing type nose piece would look great and give more room for the turbo cooler and associated stuff.

Since I'm dreaming of the above 2 items, why not add drive by wire steering to top things off.

What ever you do do not cut the car , or the firewall, you want a bolt in in case you may in the future want to restore the car back to stock , someone has already done the electric power steering , look on you tube , they done a very nice job and its adjustable , dont think he spent a hundred bucks on it , as for the pan you have to make one , just copy how they do the LS motors , QuickTime makes a bellhousing to use other transmissions if the truck one is to big,  , this being a short engine the fab work will not take long on engine mounts and oil pan , first you have to remove the pan and place it 1 inch above the rack , that alone will tell you what others things you may have to mod , like will the valve covers clear the power brake booster if you have one , steering shaft and other small things , been engine swapping since the early 70s , some realy weird ,

How is the suspension relocation coming? I'm moving mine forward as well.


Your photos look good at a distance, but you did not mention the condition of the car. Tell us more.

My 77 Pinto is in excellent shape. There are 2 tiny dent's on the passenger door which I blame the wife for, since I don't remember them coming home. I've been searching for assorted pic's on my phone & getting them to the computer tonight. Will post some tomorrow.

I've got my eye on a Hobart 140, 110v shop welder. Any personal reviews anyone?

I need to set the motor in for a trial fit, without cutting the fire wall as suggested, then I'll have an idea where to put my crossmember and attachments. Then reinforce the frame. Time I have.


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