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My Retirement Project: 1977 Pinto & 2.7L Ecoboost

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I read about your project with interest...som e of the work you have one is way past my skill-set, and you should be proud! Your problem with time are not alone, as I assure you that all of us have faced that issue! Don't give'd be surprised how little work here and there builds up to an amazing amount of work done! 😉 I see that you have started this in 2019, and you have already done a lot more than others!

Anyway, I don't know where you live, but hopefully you are less than a days drive away from one of the Pinto Stampede stops...this will be my first, but I understand that  more than 70 Pintos have been registered to attend, and the trail boss hopes to have at least a hundred as it's the 50th anniversary of the Pinto. In fact, there was an article in this weeks Old Cars magazine recounting the 50th anniversary and the history of the car. The Pintos will range from OEM orginal stock cars to highly modified, so you will have the opportunity to learn of many ideas of what you can do and even learn about things you didn't know about. Maybe that'll help you with your motivation and direction of what you want from your Pinto. There maybe those modified withEcoboost or other power trains that will helpful to eyeball for ideas.

Mine is as stock as it comes, and that's because mine was too orginal to modify, while others do modify as to their liking, and that's great as they saved the car one way or another, just like what you are doing with yours!   

Hope to meet you there!

Happy Motoring!


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