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Looking at a Winter Project Motor.This motor would be for my 78 Pinto project car. I have been looking at possible T-Bird, Merkur 2300 Turbo. I have located a Merkur running unit. I would be able to get the motor, harnesses and Processor. I think you need to swap parts off a Merkur motor? intake or something? Anyone used a Merkur on the board here, what needs to be y tips.....Thank s, Kirk

All the engines are the same from 83-89. The Tbirds and SVOs from 85.5-88 used larger injectors 35 lbs hr instead of 30.Also the 87-88 TC and 85.5-86 SVO had a larger VAM.

The 87-88 Tbird used a smaller turbo "IHI". The 85.5 up cars all used the square intake but the only one that used the short square intake was the 87-88 TC and everything from 85.5 and down to 83 used the Inline intake.

And about the only other difference I can think of at the moment would be the earlier cars some used dual fuel pumps and they had 2 different T3 turbos they had a .60/.63 and a .60/.48 .

And if you get an engine with and inline intake you can put a square intake on it but you have to drill and tap one hole in the head for it.

As for stuff needed for swap. As stated you will need harness,ECU,Engine,VAM and high pressure fuel pump.
As for swapping parts off  for the swap the  only thing I could see maybe being a problem would be the intake height. And then you would need the intake/fuelrail (Depending on what intake your engine started with) off a 87-88 TC as it was the only car with short square intake also you will need the valve cover because it has a dip for the intake to clear and not hit it.An if you find a 87-88 TC in a junkyard and you grab the intake get the ECU, large VAM and Injectors since this car had all the best parts minus the larger turbo.
Oh an you have to put a pinto 2.3 oil pan, pickup and motor mounts on the engine but thats should be a no brainer.

What transmission are you going to run ? If its the automatic get the transmission mount as well.The reason that I'm saying get the mount is they are not for sale any where EBay , Rockauto, Autozone etc. You do not need the crossmember just the mount.If you do not get the mount it might be possible to use an Energy Suspension T-5 Transmission mount. More on that later (it's on order).One more thing get a 8" rear end from a Pinto or Mustang II or you can cut down an 8.8 rear end. Or if you can fab your own mounts the IRS from a Cobra.As for an manual transmission you can use either the T-9 5 Speed from the Merkur XR4Ti or a T-5 from a T-Bird etc. Of the two from an easy stand point use the T-9 because you do not have to make any changes to the drive shaft or clutch cable, its the same as the 4 Speed plus the over drive.The T-5 requires a bit more work. It all has to do what you have in hand instead of what you do not have . I've been getting parts for my wagon for the better part of two years and I'm just now able to start putting the parts together.

Mike Modified:
You'll need a Pinto oil-pan and pickup.

The XR4Ti has the best wiring harness for the bare neccesities.
Less to weed out than a Tbird or Mustang one.


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