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Warhorse - 1979 V8 Drag n Drive / Bracket Car Project

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So I pulled the old 79 hatchback out of the tree row and got it running again.  Plans are to work the kinks out of it with the 2.3L until the V8 and TKX trans are ready to go in. I picked up a Mercruiser 188 boat motor real cheap, and working on converting the long block to car mode.

I will get pics added soon, but let's start with what is already done or acquired so far:

* Eastwood Triflow GM style radiator installed. (2.3 location)
* Speedway Motors 5 Lug 11" front brake rotor conversion.
* 14x7 American Racing wheels (Old and rusty from my 73 Mach 1)
* 8" non removable carrier axle from a Granada, not installed needs seals. (2.47 gears ugh)Next big purchases :

* Tremec TKX 5 speed
* Quick time SFI bellhousing
* McLeod clutch
* Drive shaft
* Headers / manifolds
* Engine mounts (make?)
* Front coil springs The goal is to be complete by next summer to make "Sick Summer" drag week, if it actually becomes an event. I will need to refresh my memory on Mustang ii motor mounts and why the driver side frame mount needs to be moved back one inch.  If I can make my own solid mounts that would eliminate that, I'd want to go that way.

More to come.


Here is a later picture of the paint:

I'm currently taping off the passenger side stripes.  Front will be gloss blue with stars!

The Mercruiser 188 with most of the boat gear taken off:

Interesting project!  Keep it going and keep us informed!

Lets take a little step back in time with some more pictures.  This is just after getting it back out again.  I think the new starter was the project at the time:

The Rustoleum restoration begins:

The Eastwood Triflow GM style radiator installed:

An engine bay view with the new radiator and my old modified air cleaner:

And my first floor patch on the driver side in the rear:


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