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Warhorse - 1979 V8 Drag n Drive / Bracket Car Project

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I also believe I found the correct seals for the WER 8.7 axle:
Axle shaft:

Pinion Seal:

I guess I will find out. lol

I got all the seals in the axle, got a brake job on one side done.  I found one spider gear had real bad wear on the pin it rides on.  I just cleaned it up and put it back together.  We will see how it goes!

I think I will be gathering parts to modify an Explorer 8.8 axle with 3.55 gears.

LOL, after looking down inside your rear end for over an hour I think I deserve a honorary degree in Proctology!

Kidding aside hope you make the right choices and get what you want/need. Likely too wide but I sold the donor Turbo Coupe 3.55 Posi and four '88 Turbo Coupe wheels for $125. Hope you can find a similar deal in your area.

I began my axle swap project with my Granada 8.7 and Calvert Racing goodies.  Still having trouble getting the front leaf spring bolts out.  I had hoped to reuse the spring shackles and hangers, but no luck.  The bushings wore away and the bolts almost wore through the hangers.  I can find rubber bushing replacements, but everything else is not available.  I will try getting a set from the junkyard, but odds are they will be bad too lol.  Might have to fabricate my own hanger, but I dont want to spend a lot of time on it.  Down the road I would like to put spring sliders on.

I guess I know why it handled so bad now.


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