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Restoring my 78 Sedan

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My 78 Sedan has run in the family since it was purchased for my mom as a graduation present in 79. Since then my oldest brother had it during his teenage years as his first car and took it to autobody shop with him as his project. He gave it a nice peral metalic blue paint job. Shortly after, he wore the engine out and it was time for a rebuild, which he wasn't up to doing. So it sat on the side of my parents house up to about three years ago when it was my turn to have the car. I pulled the engine with my dad and my cousin (who builds race car engines), helpped me get the block bored and the head rebuilt, as well as put some bigger pistons in it. It now has a new paint job, new clutch, new brakes, and now a new engine to!

Now that I have the car is good operational condition as well as decent exterior condition, I'm wanting to fix up the interior a bit. It needs new carpet, front dash pad and a new headliner. The back seat needs some seem work done in the middle and a new steering wheel.

I'm considering taking out a $500 loan to get this car in tip top shape as I REALLY love driving it. I'd rather drive my 1978 no-AC pinto than my friend's 2002 buick sedan in 100 degree weather. I just love this car so much.

$500 should cover the dash cap which I can get for under $100, carpet is about $200-ish, and a headliner is about $100 for a kit. Then I could have someone locally seem up the back seat a bit. If it needs more than a simple seem job, I'll just not have it done and find a replacment and dye it black.

So is pulling out a $500 loan a good or a bad thing for this project? I REALLY want to get this car's interior to a condition that I don't shreek at each time I look at my dash with a 1" split above my gauges.

Hello Dave,
 Have you thought about selling something you are not using on ebay to make the money to fix-up your Pinto interior. Most banks will not loan less than 1000.00
 From Pintony

I agree with Pintony.

Don't pay intrest and or loan fees when you don't NEED to. If you needed to fix the car to drive to work or school, a loan MIGHT be in order. Save money and buy the parts one at a time. If you do that and take your time, you might find better deals on parts and save even more money on the long run.

Just my $.02


I'll be getting a nice large tax return back this year and the interior restoration will be finished by the summer time!

Leather seat covers, carpet, a new dash cap and new door glass.

The brake rotors are slightly warped but those are getting changed out to, as well as my windshield gasket, the trunk seal and new shocks.

A few modifications will be done as well. I will be putting a new pioneer stereo system in as well with four pioneer speakers. Replacing the two dry rotted 6x9 speakers in the back and adding two 6 1/2" speakers in the door panels.

Last but not least I will be putting a Mustang II center console in the car if I can find one in black. They are a big expensive and hard to find around here but in time I will find one.

Thank you everyone for all the help I've recieved on my project thus far and pictures will be plentiful this year, I promise.

I spent the whole night last night buffing out hard water spots from the paint and fixing my exhaust leak at the down pipe. All that will be left after this year will be a new Stallion paint job, but isn't 199% necessary.

Here are some photos from last summer.


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