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Red 1972 V8 pinto project

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I did a couple V8 pinto projects back in the 70's on a very tight shoestring.  Cars, beer, babes and drugs had to be balanced against $5-$6 dollars an hour job.  This time is going to be different.   
I should have started documenting this build at the beginning but I am stating now.  With some work already done.  I started with a very nice 72 Pinto Hatch in Coral Red, Automatic with White interior and factory A/C (I live in Texas).  I would have liked a trunk model but I could have keep looking forever and never found one. 

My Pinto project back in 1973.  Hopped up 289 out of a wrecked 1966 Shelby Mustang with dual quads.  Seats out of a 1970 Boss 302 Mustang.  Rear end out of a 1957 Station wagon with 3.70 gears.  Front drum brakes off a late 60's full size ford bolted right on in place of the Pinto drum brakes.   Front tires were F-70 14", rear were L-60 14" on 10" Ansen rims.    Pinto was originally Lime Green as you can see the gas cap. 

Welcome aboard!!!  I see that you've actually been a member here for nearly ten years although you waited until yesterday before making your first post.  I'm going to assume you spent that time searching for your project car.  I know the feeling; I searched for more than twenty years to find my Pinto.  Thanks for including us as your project progresses.  Thank you also for sharing the photo of your 1973 project. 

Dwayne :)

I like the raked '70s look.  I am using the same rims on my project.  I just had the tires mounted on the rims on Monday. 

.  I am using Moroso 20535 Drag/Road Race Oil Pan.  I mention this as part of my Suspension mods because it is critical for how the steering and front cross member is modified. 


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