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hey guys! it's been a while since I've been on here. I recently bought another Pinto, one with a race pedigree and a local history. here's a pic of it when I bought it. under the walmart woodgrain is the orange paint sprayed by my high school auto teacher. I have since removed that woodgrain and installed glass and window regulators. I'll post more pics later. it's twin sits in the local museum.

Wow, other than Bob Glidden or Buddy Ingersoll I never knew that Pinto's were Museum cars much less a Bobcat. That is great news!

need help sorting out some electrical issues with it. the brake lights work, but the turn signals don't . checked all fuses and put new flashers in. the 4 way flashers don't work either. where do I start?

Turn signal switch in the column - wiring where harness exits the column

would a 79 column bolt right in?


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