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ok guys well it is time for me to start on my project. So far I have tank the seats out and i plan and am working on re-uposter them starting with the back seat and in jan starting on the front seats.  and as of yesterday i removed the carpet and found that the front 2 floor pans rustd out with the pass being the wost.    I will post pics very soon. and here in a few wks i plan to take out the motor. ok thats it for now pics to fallow soon ;D

Good luck keep us posted!!!!!

Yesssssss!!!! WarHead....Go for it!!!!!!!! Pictures are very good. I will be starting on my interior after the first of the year as well. Is that a 78? what are your drive train plans?

its a 77 and for the drive train havent really thought about that yet.

ok here r some pics first pic is the pass seat,  2nd is driver, 3rd is back seat. at this time i have the bottem part of the back seat upholstered and workn on the top part pics soon to come


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