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About 10 years ago I dragged the rear half of a 67 Mustang coupe home with the intention of making a trailer out of it to tow behind my 67 Fastback.  My kids were young and if we went anywhere for more than a day trip, there was no cargo space in the Fastback trunk.  The trailer was to provide additional cargo space.  I never made the trailer.  I thought about making a smoker out of it but that never happened either.  I work 60-70 hours a week so my project time is limited.  About 7 years ago I decided I would make a trike out of it and wanted to use a 2.3 Pinto motor as the power plant.  As I've stated, I had 3 Pintos between 1983-89 and always liked them and the 2.3 engine.  I looked for a Pinto and as you know, they aren't cheap and aren't plentiful.  I found the 1980 orange one 5 years ago but couldn't make the deal.  I waited 2 years, called again and this time I got for less than I originally offered.  I dragged it home but it had to wait its turn as I had other projects in front of it.  Last Fall I started doing the body work on the Mustang.  It was a rust bucket and should have gone to scrap but I like to make something useful out of junk.  I cut both quarters off, welded in new rear frame rails, new trunk floor, wheel houses, quarter panel skins, taillight panel.  When I got the Mustang to build the trailer, I didn't want the roof.  Once I started on the trike project, I realized the roof would be nice.  I contacted the guy I got it from and he still had the roof.  I acquired it last November, cut it down, and welded it back onto its original body.  That was a chore...the lead in that area made it challenging to weld it back on.  After the roof was tacked on, I put it away for the Winter and resumed in the Spring.  I sold the 82 EXP I restored between 2014-2017 that my son had no interest in so it freed up floor space now it was the Pinto's turn.  I got it to run, now the engine is out.  Next is to fab a frame and mount the Pinto Power Plant onto the frame, then resume body work.  If I can fab the frame, get the engine/tranny on the frame and get the body in epoxy primer, I will feel that I got a lot done this year.  My outdoor and garage projects end in November.  I am in the heating business so it's 7 days a week/70 hours until late March.  Here are a few pics so you can see what I'm up to...

The driveshaft is going to be quite short...18" at the most.  Does anyone have any expertise in driveshaft lengths and what are the limits in shortness?  I don't want this trike to be very long so it's got to be short.  The aircraft tow tractors I worked on in the Navy had very short driveshafts but I don't remember the exact length.  This is going to keep me awake at night until I find out what the limits are.  Any advice on the driveshaft  and anything else that pertains to my project will be appreciated.  I hope no one is upset that the Pinto is a's too rotted to ever see the road.  Sometimes you have to know when to say that something has seen its better days. It's getting a second life in a cool project that is going to be my retirement toy.  My Mustang and Harley will stay in the stable but this trike ids going to be cool!

I can't wait to see the finished product!!!

Dwayne :)

I will be sure to keep everyone update on my progress.  I'll probably have a million questions as I design and build it. 

Tomorrow I am planning to start fabbing the frame for my project.  I have about 12" of Mustang frame from the parking brake cable mounts-forward to tie into.  I plan to use the forward leaf spring eye bolt as the positioning connection and use a couple of other bolt/nut attachment points, but then weld and add extra brackets to really make a solid connection between my "new" frame and the existing, old Mustang frame.  I am going to try to figure out a way to tie it rearward to the rear Mustang frame rails so it is completely solid.  I will send updates and likely ask for advice.


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