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Pinto floor pans available

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There is a group on Facebook called Pinto/Bobcat Restoration, they are stamping front and rear floor pans. I just ordered fronts for my wagon since l let it sit outside with a leaky sunroof..... :-[
You can send a request to join the group or you can order by e-mail at

How mutch are the frounts
And please let us know what you think
Of them when they arrive and after

Fronts are $80 each side and they can add extra metal to each end if needed. There are pictures on the Facebook group or you can e-mail Patti for pics

OK I got the pans and have them put in. Based on the measurements I was expecting a formed pan that would basically drop in with a few modifications. These are just flat sheet metal pans with the original bead design. Quite honestly had I known that and also known that my brother has a bead roller I would have just made my own and rolled some generic beads into a piece of sheet metal. But they are nice pans so if you want the originals they are a great match.

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They look good! But nobody is ever going to see them lol

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