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Title: Next up...Transmission!
Post by: dave1987 on September 15, 2011, 12:04:42 AM
Now that I have rebuilt the front suspension and replaced the steering rack with new tie rod ends, the next important part to repair is the transmission. I have a front bearing whine that is present between 35-40 MPH and 50-55 MPH. It has changed in the MPH range with the axle swaps I have done, so technically it is RPM based. Regardless, it's time to rebuild the tired 4spd!

I am wondering if anyone has purchased a kit from which supposedly includes the synchro rings as well? I wondering because even Transtar Industries cannot obtain synchro rings for the Ford FOG transmission (which the Pinto uses), even used ones! They are the largest transmission parts supplier here in Idaho, as well.

I really want to put new synchro rings in the transmission while I have it apart. While I do not have any problems shifting gears, it would be nice to recondition the entire unit, bearings, bushings and synchros while I have it apart. I really hate to tear apart transmissions multiple times in a decade if I don't absolutely have to.
Title: Re: Next up...Transmission!
Post by: Reeves1 on September 15, 2011, 05:31:40 AM


Opps ! Just re-read your post & it's a standard.
I may have found a buyer for my 302w. He only wants the engine so I'll have a T-5 collecting dust in the shop this winter.......