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New project- 1977 Pinto squire

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The gas cap looked so out of place. Is it perfect? Nope but much better. I also started doing some repairs to the driver door. Itís completely shot. Iím essentially polishing a turd but itíll look better than it does now. I did some filling, some sanding. Need to do more filling and sanding tomorrow.

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A little at a time, and we eventually get to where we are going.
I only spent about an hour on mine today, but it is farther now than it was yesterday, and yours is too now.
Keep on keep'in on my friend.

Congrats on your new Squire! I have been away for several weeks and now starting to catch up with all the news!

Give me a list of parts that you are looking for, and I will check against my own pandemic project to see where I obtained them from. Most were NOS parts, and if you have the part number, it is surprisingly easy to locate. I have a parts book published by Ford, so I can get you the parts numbers as well.

Happy Motoring!

Sold the car. Needed too much
 Every panel was shot except liftgate. Add the rust everywhere it was just too much for my abilities.

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