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When the previous owner passed away in 2008, her best friend inherited the car. Unlike the deceased owner who had a garage, she had a carport, which explains why the driver's side wood appliqué are more faded and worn than the passenger side that was covered and up against her home. As I mentioned before, I located wood siding appliqués to cover both sides and tailgate. I hope to have that done during this winter while the car is hibernating.

If you look closely to the steering wheel (see interior shot) you can see the black trim in the horn pad is broken. I found the piece under the seat, and would like to repair it. Other than just gluing it with cracks showing, how do I repair and conceal the cracks? If I were to sand it and repaint it, it creates another dilemma...the scratches from the sand paper is likely to show through, and the chrome paint on its edges would need to be reapplied. How do you folks do this?


It's not black or cheap, but it might work for you. The wood inlay would match your side trim. There may be others for sale on line for less. I think Ford used this design on many cars, for years.


You are not's pricy, but again where would I find another? Sigh...before I bite the bullet, how can I find the part nbr so I can ensure it'll fit? It's advertised for LTDs but I would imagine all steering wheels would be standardized by Ford? I'll take your word, if you feel confident that it will fit? I wonder if I can counter offer? How low can I go without offending him or her?

Thanks for finding this as I looked high and low without success!

Happy Motoring,

The part number is listed in the eBay add when you scroll down. Before I spent the money on the part, I'd remove the broken part off of your Pinto to make sure it was the same as in the eBay add, front and back. If it was my car and my broken part and it matched the eBay part front and back, I'd buy the part. (If I decided to spend the money) The add says the part is returnable for thirty days, but you pay shipping costs. It does appear that there aren't a whole lot of these parts available new. Once you remove the part, you may find that you can repair it good enough to be happy with it repaired.


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