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--- Quote from: Dtmix on May 19, 2022, 02:27:20 PM ---Sorry for being out of touch!  I have been so busy with work and family!  I am resurfacing now as I plan to attend the Ford nationals at Carlisle in two weeks.  I needed to see what I have missed in the last few months! Any of you planning on bringing your Pinto to Carlisle???

I also noticed an issue with my Pinto, and wondered if any of you had ever experienced this or not.  When I first start my Pinto, it starts up fine, but the turn signals and speedometer would not work until it warms up and then I turn it off and restart it...the speedo and signals works like if nothing happened. What's the culprit of this?


--- End quote ---

My turn signals did the same thing. They seemed to work, occasionally, after they "warmed up". I finally replaced the turn signal switch with the listed switch below, D6OZ13341B. Rock Auto is sold out so I bought one on Ebay.

1975 FORD PINTO 2.3L 140cid L4 Turn Signal Switch | RockAuto

d6oz13341b: Search Result | eBay

The original switch was crusty with old dry lube and corrosion. The switches aren't cheap, but my turn signals now work perfectly. Note- this switch is for fixed steering columns.
Hope this helps you out.

Did your speedometer stop working as well? If yes, and the switch did the trick for you…I will definately give that a try. Can you confirm your Speedo stopped or not?

I hope to see you at Carlisle,😀🚘

Happy Motoring!

Take a look at the picture associated with reply#66.  Make sure the cable with the white gear on the end is secure. As you probably know that is your speedo cable with the driven speedometer gear on the end. There is a gear internal to the transmission that drives that white gear. That white gear can be changed to adjust for different tire sizes and rear axel ratios. The gears are made with several different numbers of teeth. While you’re at it, might want to make sure the gear is in good shape. As stated previously if still a problem could try cable lube and or lube speedo head.  Looks like new cables are available. While changing the turn signal switch could fix your turn signal problem, it will not fix your speedometer. It’s purely mechanical driven by that cable.

My speedometer never stopped working. I did lubricate the cable once. It was squealing or the speedo needle was jumping. I can't remember which now. 

Thanks for the tips! I learned something new about the gearing adjustments…I knew there was a way to make such changes when you use a different tires…but didn’t know exactly where! How much of a change in tire size before it requires a gear adjustment?

Nevertheless, that was not the issue with my car…both Speedo and turn signals would not work unless t drive it a mile or so, turn it off, and restart…then both worked as nothing happened.

A neighbor said it could be a faulty ground? Your thoughts? Where would I start to look if that’s the case?

Happy Motoring! See ya at Carlisle!


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