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Quite the story on your wagon. I noticed the Ohio plates. Nice to see another Ohio Pinto owner. Just got myself a squire wagon, although the way it looks you can't call it much of a wagon. More of an embarrassment on wheels lol. I have an 80 runabout in the garage that will give some parts before I sell it. Yours though is somewhat helpful. I'll for sure keep that woodgrain company in mind once my body gets to where it'll be worthy of higher priced vinyl. For now... Dollar tree contact paper. It'll at least look better than what's on it.  Any other plans for your car or just enjoying it now?

Yes, I am about twenty minutes from you per your profile info.

I just replaced the p/s pump and p/s hoses, idle pulley, and the AC clutch. I am behind with my forum/blog as for adding narratives and pictures…I will try to catch up soon!

Contact paper is definitely a cheaper route to take. I saw another red 1974 Pinto Squire wagon at the Pinto Stampede, and that owner used contact paper. The color was pretty good match, not perfect but only Pinto owners would know the difference. He told me it lasted for a couple of years before it struck and bubbled up. If you keep it as a fair weather car, you might get away for several more years…the advantage of contact paper is that it is not permanent, so you can just peel it off and reapply another…the trim pieces that surround the wood siding is much more of a challenge due to the indentations and curvature…the 3M stuff was difficult to apply so I would imagine it would be nearly impossible to get the contact paper to adhere!

If you need help to locate trim pieces or parts, let me know! If you need motivation, let me know and I’ll bring my Squire over…

Happy Motoring!

Thanks! Always good to get encouragement. Right now I’d be happy if the seats weren’t falling through the floor. She’s very rough. Seeing yours is inspirational and eventually I will be doing ac in it. You know how our weather is. 10 months of winter, construction, and hot as shizod with about 2 weeks of nice weather . I saved the name of the company that did your vinyl work and am familiar with plain city so I’ll let them do the trim. That’ll of course be later down the road when it’s better to look at. Wouldn’t mind going to the shriner’s car show if they have it again. Been a few years since I went to it.

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What color is your interior? I may have some interior pieces that might be helpful. If you are looking for replacement floor pans, I would reach out to dismantling yards in the SW part of the county like Arizona.  As for reproductions, there aren't any...but it would be worth while to check out Ford Mustang reproduction parts catalogs and try to get the closest match that you could find as they both share the same fox platform.

Good Luck and Happy Motoring!

I have a 1980 runabout I will cut the floor out of and use it. As for reproduction pans they have been made for about a year and are approx $100 per section. All but one section of my floor is good.
My interior is red, and except for the seats the interior isn't bad. I do need to take care of new carpet, headliner, and seats. The plastic panels though aren't bad. ui


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