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ahsoka tano:
Picked up a Orange 74 runabout
I've had a lot of cars
Loving this little pinto

Hi Ahsoka!

Welcome aboard!

I've got an orange '74 Pinto Runabout too!  Actually, my very first car when I was sixteen, way back in 1974, was a brand new orange Pinto Runabout.  Like an idiot, I traded it off in 1976 and then spent 20+ years searching for another just like it.  Enjoy!!!

Dwayne :)

I had an orange 77 hatchback and I am using an orange 80 hatchback for a Pinto-Mustang project I have been posting about for a couple of years now.  I must have a "thing" for orange Pintos!

What was done on the quarter panel? 

ahsoka tano:
Just cleaned up some rust

Looks great!


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