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Author Topic: Looking for stock take off parts from racers North Georgia area  (Read 844 times)

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Bought my first Pinto , a 76' MPG 2 months ago. It had been sitting for 22 years , and I had to spend a day cutting trees etc. to get it out. Long story short , it had been on the ground for some time and the wheels are junk. Looking for 4 steel wheels as my immediate need , mine are rusted too bad to hold air. I will have to replace the passengers side floor pan as well , I've been told to buy a $60 Mustang pan and graft it to size. The car was junk to the person who had it , and they're about to crush it for quick cash. Will be looking for a 2.3 a/c compressor and bracket as well , I'd upload pics of the car but do not understand this forum yet "new guy". My avatar is the car before I cut trees down, thanks