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I need info about "CHOPPIN PINTO TOPS"

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Hi guys since in stripin the while car down to bare metal im thinking about choppin my pinto about 4" inches all the way around has anyone seen this done on a pinto? Does it look good? Any info please post up.  Im also cuting the rain channels out also.

Please gimmie as much info as possible thanks.

"""Shaved door handles done, Shaved Trunk done, Gas tank fillymobober is going to be relocated in the bottom rear of the car behind the liscense plate.  Once i get a passanger door and passanger fender in going to fill the side marker lights also"" DO yall know if shaving the side markers is illegal? please post up. As soon as I get the door $40.00 at a local junkyard, and a fender ?"havent found one. Ill post some pics.

If you look in the Wagon Pics theres a grey chopped 74.
Yes it looks good!! I am in the processes of chopping my 76 wagon about three inches and turning it into a high to mid 6 second pro-mod dragster.

hi there you wanna see a chopped pinto check out the link to a page showing a model kit produced by Monogram in '71 , it's designed by tom daniels

I remember Bruce Sizemore used to run a chopped top Pinto back in the late 70's in Modified Eliminator, Looked a lil funny, but it was cool!

Im not sure how much youre on E-Bay but theres a Pinto on there that has a 2" chop. I must say that this Pinto is the best chopped Pinto Ive seen so far. I havent seen many. The few I have seen I havent liked.  Heres a link


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