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Got no spark


Iím trying to fire my Cleveland powered pinto but seem to be overlooking something , Moroso switch panel with push button start button. MSD 6 al box wired in  heavy red and black to battery small red to switched 12v source   I have the start regulator mounted in the trunk and is a full new harness going in so am I missing something coming off the I terminal from the regulator to spark this thing up.
There is no key will not be running one.
Any help will be appreciated.

Looks like I had it wired correctly but the MSD pro billet sat to long ? Iíll have to take it apart and see whatís up. I put my locked out Mallory back in and she fired right up. Iíd post a vid but I always have trouble with that on this site for some reason.

I wonder if it was a problem with the distributor grounding through the block?   By removing the distributor and putting in the other it made connection now?   I'm not that familiar with the MSD circuits,  but the duraspark one needed a good ground to the block from the distributor.  I've seen people throw parts at this for vehicles that sat for years and it was just corroded around the distributor... . 
    Electronics (with the exception of EPROMs) usually aren't effected by time - that said, the wires and terminals do corrode but technically that's a mechanical failure - Electrons always work.

I took it apart and it is quite corroded internally. Iím making sure it gets cleaned up and double checking everything including my work in it as it also used to have locked out timing and I switched it back. So my rule is if it worked before I touched it then it must be something I did. Lol.
Thanks for you thoughts.


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