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Good news for early cars...


So, earlier this year I finally completed a total rebuild of the front suspension of my '72 V8 car.  As I'm sure you know, lower ball joints are impossible to find for these cars.  I don't mean "difficult"...I mean "can't be found at any price".  Well, not any more!  I picked up a rebuild kit from a company called Performance Suspension Technology for the early Pinto that comes with all control arm bushings, strut rod bushings, upper *and* lower ball joints, and tie rod ends...all for about $420.  Given that the last time I even *saw* lower ball joints for sale, they were NOS ones being sold for $125 each, I think you can agree that's a pretty damn good deal.

It all fits, and it all works.  I couldn't be happier with the results.

Given that all of those parts were still the 50 year old originals, and the rubber had the approximate compressive and tensile strength of pie crust, this was long overdue.  The car drives amazingly well now. A deathtrap no more!'s still a *bit* of a deathtrap, but at least it's no longer because the suspension is completely shot and metal on metal.

Performance Suspension Technology.  Check 'em out.  Seriously. 'Cause yours is probably pretty thrashed too...

GREAT information!  Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Dwayne :)

I never understood why there wasn't someone who attempted to adapt a ball joint from another car. It might require welding a plate to the lower arm but for most people needing one (that is the type of people willing to keep a 50+ year old car on the road) they likely have the means (skills/tools) already to accomplish the task. I mean companies make (tubular) arms all the time and they access generic ball joints from somewhere.

BTW, over in my AMC world they used the same basic suspension for eons on the Rambler Americans. Yet for some reason the disc brakes of the 70's AMC cars like the Pacer (that are forward compatible to older front AMC American drums) seemed to change virtually every year. As such they are also in that unobtanium category. Seems these cars were too cheap to see people holding on to them and as supplies dwindled the impetus to make more was lacking.

Is there any part number or other identifier on the early Pinto lower ball joint (or associated box) that might allow someone to purchase just the ball joint and not the whole kit?

That will be good news for many !

I have all new OEM in the white car & all new (NOS) for two more cars, so I'm good.

Wish someone would buy my white car so I can finish the other two......


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