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My Corvair station wagon that has been a storage container the past 25 years had a rat in it. I removed everything, put bleach and laundry detergent in a hopper for my pressure washer and power washed the whole inside. It still took 6-8 years for the smell to dissipate that when I open the door I can't smell anything. I've read that after doing ones best cleaning, the only cure is to paint over the area if you want the smell gone in a short period of time.

I certainly don't want to wait years for the odors to dissipate. Just these three months of having the doors and the hatchback opened while I was outside working on the engine bay, the brakes, and underneath with the trans mount, driveline, and fuel tank, has helped quite a lot. If I had pulled the seats, headliner, and carpet out in the beginning, it would even be better still, but it was so rank that I couldn't stand inhaling a single breath.
That said though, I am glad to be as far along as I am, and I am looking forward to getting some electrical work done. The weather is changing, so progress will definitely slow down because the car is outside in the driveway. The garage is crowded with storage, and the carport is also. I am beginning to consider enclosing the carport and setting up three rows of steel shelving, then putting as much storage in there as possible, making room in the garage to set up a small shop. The garage is almost two cars wide, but it only has a one car sized door. I have a very generous workbench that the former owner left when they sold us the house, and a 24" shelf unit with a pathway between the two. The shelving unit is accessible from both sides. The area available for a car is currently filled with various tools or objects too large to put on a shelf (plus about 30 empty boxes from parts, tools, and amazon purchases not yet broken down and thrown away).
Yesterday, no progress on the Pinto at all. We had a fair amount of rain, and we did have several sunbreaks, but I stayed indoors and did some organizing, going through different parts of the basement to clear up some floor space, so I can clear an entire upstairs room to set up as a guest room.

I had a friend whose car was visited by a couple of mice over the winter…sigh! Anyway, he got a couple of Tupperware bowls and filled it half way with charcoal to absorb the odor. He also sprinkled baking soda all over the carpets and the offending area. Another thing he did was pull back the carpeting and removed the carpet padding and replaced it. It seemed to work well. Once all aired out, he steam cleaned the interior and sprayed Fabreeze.

Good luck! Happy

The EXP I restored and the Pinto I am incorporating into my project had rodent infestation and the horrible smell.   On the EXP, once I found and removed all the nests and had the car down to a bare shell, I was able to clean the interior well enough to get rid of the smell.  I did coat the entire interior with epoxy primer, then industrial-grade enamel which likely sealed in any remaining smell.  Be sure to remove the heater box, vents to the cowl area, and all ducting and soak them in whatever solution you like as those are areas that the rodents like to live in.  I found the entire heater box packed with rodent nest.  If you don't clean all the HVAC system, you will smell it every time you turn on the heat or defroster.

I didn't do anything about the Pinto smell.  I wasn't using any of the soft upholstery so didn't have to worry about the smell.  I am using a lot of the mechanics of the car for my project but noting I am using has any smell...

Today, Thursday, Oct 28. I have not worked on any of my vehicles since I last posted here on the 9th. I am having a "life gets in the way" situation that I will not be discussing for a while.
When life begins to normalize I will let you all know, I am still making plans on proceeding with all of my projects, and even adding other projects into the mix that if done soon enough, will allow me to work on the cars through the winter inside the garage. Restoration work will slow, but I will check in every so often. Have fun, have a good Autumn and holiday season.


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