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Born 1974 - Died 1996 Resurrected 2021-2022?

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Saturday October 2,
Filled the T9 trans with oil, a type F auto trans fluid.
Removed the old, installed new carburetor, linkages, and vacuum lines.
Installed distributor cap, coil, plug wires.
Mounted fuel pressure regulator, partially plumbed fuel lines. I was short a few fittings, had to make a run to the hardware store. Assembled the fittings into a unit to be installed tomorrow, ran out of daylight.

Sunday October 3
Finished fuel line connection in engine bay.
Connected the battery, but no power in the cab through the key switch, so I will need to do some electrical work next. I was able to jump the starter at the solenoid, so I made some temporary wiring connections to see if I would  be able to get spark from the coil. The spark was very weak, so I popped the distributor cap and adjusted the points.  Was able to get good spark after that.
Next I removed extra parts that are stored in the rear. I pulled the two loose parts of the back seat so I can access the electric fuel pump to hook up a 12v jumper pack. Disconnected the main fuel line from the tank, and stuck the hose into a gas can to test start the engine. Got a couple of backfire pops, so I rotated the plug wires 180* and she fired up and ran. Yippee!!
Of course, I had to call my brother and gave him the good news right away so he could hear it run. My brother is the one who located the engine for me. After running it 2-3 minutes I shut it off because I had not filled the radiator, and also did not have a fan belt installed. I pulled the distributor and rotated it 180*, put it back in. I then attempted to install the alternator, but the older brackets are not aligned properly for a newer engine with a ribbed belt. I must now locate the correct alternator bracket for a newer engine, so I will have to start searching and making phone calls. I should begin by popping the parts CD in the computer to get a part # for the bracket.
So with the engine capable of running, I need to finish all the little things, then move on to stripping the interior out, doing the electrical,, then reinstall the interior. I still need to get new tires too. Maybe I'll look for rims at the same time that I'm looking for tires. Haven't decided that yet.

Way to go Roy!!!  I just love progress!

Dwayne :)

Thanks Dwayne,
Today, Saturday Oct 9, I stashed away all of the parts left over, and emptied the other extra parts out of the back of the Pinto. The back seat and hatchback area has been my main storage area for the extra tires, and the original T-Bird and Merkur turbo parts that I will someday put back on the engine now that I know it starts and runs. All of the parts went into the storage cabana (formerly known as a carport). Next after that, I pulled the seats out and found room for them in the carport also. My new phase on this resurrection is stripping the interior panels, carpeting, and headliner, so that I can get to all repairs needed to the electrical wiring. I did get the headliner out (with an old mouse nest up inside), and the plastic side panels removed. I've been trying to reduce the rodent nest stink up to this point, keeping the doors open as much as possible to air out somewhat when I am working on the car. Now that most of my work will move to the interior, I am thankful for time spent letting things air out.
We here in Seattle are expecting rain tonight, all the way through tomorrow night. Depending on how frequent/heavy the rain falls, I might or might not get the carpet out tomorrow.

Yuck!  Makes me cringe just thinking about it!  Fortunately, I can say that even having owned 68 vehicles in my lifetime, I have never had a problem with rodents taking up residence in any of them.  Wish I could say the same about bees! 

Dwayne :)


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