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Born 1974 - Died 1996 Resurrected 2021-2022?

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Thank you wittsend for the links. Good article, well writen.

71pintoracer, thank you for the tio on the wiring harness. I will look into that .

If your engine has an IHI turbo, top-mount intercooler, valve cover with a dip in the middle, and brown-top injectors, then it is definitely an '87-88 T-bird version. Longblocks were all the same from '83-89 except for one of the intake manifold bolt holes.

I thank you for the identification info.
I have been trying to post some pics of the injectors. They look like black ones to me.

That's the connector. I can't see the injector.
Black injectors are usually aftermarket replacements.

I haven't done much yet with the Pinto, except look at it in the driveway. With spring in the air, I got the lawn mower going for this year, a few branches trimmed from some of the trees, and then the battery on my daily suddenly went bad. Most of the yardwork chores are now at a sustainable level, though those dandelions are fast growers this time of year. My thoughts yesterday were, "why don't I just drop the replacement 2.3L in, and get it running as a naturally aspirated engine, then see what other systems need work after sitting for almost 25 years". That strategy would get the car drivable while I read to learn more about fuel injection and turbo charged systems. Since my daily ('78 GMC Caballero) is my main project, the Pinto is less important to my day to day life, and going the simpler build route at this time would be the way to keep me motivated in the shorter term.
Some questions for those of you who own 2.3turbo motors: 1) Can I pull my existing flywheel from a '78 2.3 non turbo to use on an '87-88 turbo engine? 2) Are there any changes to a 2000 Mustang World Class T5 trans to be made before bolting to an '87-88 2.3turbo Tbird engine?
I appreciate responses, and advice, that those of you who are more familiar with your Pinto's are, than I am with mine.
I am aware that I will need a pilot bushing, and a bellhousing swap. Any other things to expect, or watch out for? Maybe a hydraulic clutch conversion?


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