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Bolt on Cowl scoop?

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Iíve been digging around but with the short hood on our car what have you guys put on your cars for a cowl scoop. ??


My white car needs one. The one on it was mounted too far forward.

I'm just going to take some min measurements & get one that will work with the K&N filter I have.

i had never paid much attention to my scoop since i put it on 20 years ago but it is essentially a mach one scoop just a tiny bit smaller .. i had to make a hole in my hood for the breather to poke thru ..

Most of the cowl scoops I fingered are well into the 40Ē and longer, Iím figuring that probably 30 ď would fit nice but canít find one ..would need min 4Ē tall

Opps ! Just read bolt on.....Don't think I've ever seen a bigger one for bolt on.

Mine needs to be 6" if I remember right.

Yes, they are made long, but looking at them, it looks like they can be cut shorter ?


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