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Link deleted due to P Bucket issues......

Thought I may as well start a topic on it. Before pictures in above link.
It will be a year long (at least) project.

I have been offered a new set of fenders from a fellow member (I said yes).
I have found a right rear quarter. Will be trying to find a left one.
Will also be looking for both doors.

I found out that without fenders, doors & rear quarters removed I can have it glass blasted (inside and out) for about $400.00. Then epoxy primed for another $150.00.
I'll have that done late this summer/early fall. This gives me all winter to work on it.

Plan is for sub frame connectors. Tubs etc. Narrowed diff & much more.

Plan is also to pick up a 302w roller block. Bore & stroke to 347.
I already have headers & front mounts. All external parts off of the 302w I pulled from my other car will be used.
I have the T-5 I took out of my white 72. If it is OK inside, I'll use it. If not, maybe an AOD 4 spd auto ?

See the front air dam on my white car in my sig line ? Going to have another made for this build.
I'll also be using a Hot Pants Kit from Mike.

Now this is going to be a fun and good project to watch!

I would like to have a frt spoiler as yours for the 72
I picked up this weekend.It also is a V8.I posted in
your thread about interest in the spoiler.Let me
know if you would.

racer99 - I will let you know.


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