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Is there any real good place where i can get a catolog, or maybe a website where i can get some good new/remanufactured pinto parts?? cause so far the only other option i have is a junkyard or finding some parts cars around here, and there arent that many in washington.  

There is not much out there for reproduction.  Depends what you are looking for but I would try EBAY.  That has been the best source for me in finding what I want.  You also might want to post what you are looking for.  Someone might have it.  What part of Washington are you from?

I live in bremerton washington, it's near seattle, just across the puget sound from it.  Not many pnito's around here.

I know it well, I have family that lives in Port Orchard.  I would post in the parts wanted section.  You might find what you are looking for.

Try a web page known by for windshield gaskets


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