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Back to work on my Cleveland powered Pinto

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Had to stop progress for a couple of yrs but getting that itch again to get her going,posted pics years ago of the build in progress but a short recap is itís a 351 Cleveland aluminum rod engine solid lifter cam,top loader 4 speed,and 9Ē diff with 3:89 gears,should be a fun ride when itís done and still need the communityís help so stay tuned with my questions 

Thanks all

Glad to have you back! 

Dwayne :)


--- Quote from: dga57 on November 24, 2020, 08:13:38 AM ---Glad to have you back! 

Dwayne :)

--- End quote ---

Thanks Dwayne  would you know anyone with assembly diagrams for the window and door assembly procedures.

Not off-hand, but if I think of anyone I'll let you know,

Dwayne :)

Ford produced shop manuals in several volumes for the dealership service department technicians on a yearly basis. Each volume targets a particular area such as body, engine, electrical, and so forth. I purchased a 5 volume set for 1980 Ford Pinto for about $70. You can buy just one volume which tends to go for $28 to $32. The volume pertaining to body would be the book you want if you do not wish to get the entire set. It's useful with part numbers, step by step directions, pictures, and diagrams. It's different than Chilton's shop books. I brought mine through eBay. If you cannot find it, you can try Auto literature retailers. If you want me to help you find it, let me know the year. Your pics looks like a 71 or 72?

Happy Motoring,


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