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A wagon I might finish someday



The previous owner cut the rear pillars out to make the mini van version. I wanted the wagon but havent made new pillars yet.
This pic is with the "glass" in.

With the "glass" out.
The rims and tires are from an old F-150.
 Im not sure what color Ill paint it.

It has a 351 and racing bucket seats with harnesses.
The interior is grey and black.
I started this over 10 yrs ago.

wow! how much for it?


--- Quote from: Brando on September 07, 2003, 04:48:37 PM ---wow! how much for it?

--- End quote ---

Thanks. :)
I paid $15.00 for it used.
If you were asking how much I would take for it? the answer is its not for sale.
There are Pinto models for sale on E-Bay all the time.
Many can be made in 2 or even 3 different styles.

The body is getting brittle now. Its been stripped a couple times. The bumpers still have good chrome.
I did wire the sparkplugs. I was going to make headers from solder and the distributer broke off when I removed the engine. :-\


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