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72 runabout brake pedal pad


does anyone know where I can find one new, it is for an automatic


I would suggest you check our Classifieds - sometimes they pop up there.  Ebay is another good possibility, especially if you search under "Ford Pinto NOS".  Green Sales Company is a seller of obsolete Ford parts; they are a bit pricey but they sometimes have things you can't find other places.  Good luck in your quest for a brake pedal pad!

Dwayne :)

Green sales took me to the cleaners.

Ordered a few diff parts that were supposed to be NOS.
Heater core was old & had a bunch of repairs.
Completely wrong bearings.

Sent everything back for the right parts or refund.

Never heard from them again.

Forgot to mention....I've bought new pads off e bay at good prices.

Donít know if your still looking for a brake pedal pad but I ordered one from a Mustang place, I ordered one for 64-66 that did not work but the one for the 69-73 did work, they are slightly different.


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