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72 Pinto "Hot Rod" OverHaul

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--- Quote from: Bigtimmay on January 29, 2011, 10:58:06 PM ---i want those tail lights! LOL ive been wanting to put cougar tails on my bobcat for a while now

--- End quote ---
I did want to use 69 camaro was just way to difficult, next choice was the 65 T bird lights, but could not find any in the juck yards, but i found cougar lights. The reason for the bigger lights was to be see!

A little history... if anyone care to read it.   
Purchased this Pinto in Englewood, CO in September1978. This was a special trip just to buy and bring back a clean rust free car to Ohio. BTW, by 1978 I logged over 150K miles on all my previous Pinto’s (71 1600, which I converted to a 2.8 l v6 and my 73 2.0l wagon all 4 spd cars) This 72 Pinto is a 2 liter 4 spd car with factory air with yellow paint and white and black(?) interior. Drove it back to Ohio and started to create my hot rod Pinto.
The vision was to have a Camel GT handling turbo powered Pinto streetcar that looked cool and would kick butt. My turbo options were to do the 2.0 from scratch or the new 2.3 mustang turbo engine. I selected the 2.3 because it was a standard complete package that would bolt up the 2.0 transmission and only required new motor mounts...sound ed like a no brainer to me, and that is what I did. The car has a custom, made from scratch by me, z28 style hood scoop that was functional…needed to because of the carb air cleaner mounting surface was almost flush with the hood, the hood scoop was my air cleaner. The pinto hot pants or boss pinto kit' ie the "trans am" look. Paint in metallic black Imron paint.Racer Walsh front springs with sway bar. Re-jetted carb and a cockpit adjustable boost controller. Last was a 2 ½ inch custom stainless steel exhaust. I was able to run 12 plus # of boost with leaded Sunoco 260 all the way into 4th gear to about 4k rpm’s, then it got bad detonation. It surprised allot of trans am's and z28 in it's day. This was my daily summer driver for a few years, then just a now and then driver….once I purchased my new 86 Turbo Coupe., the Pinto became the garage queen and only got driven in 1987 to my new house, then back into the garage and not the “queen” any more.

Todays the donor car up on jack stands, pull driveshaft, drained the trans, remove radiator fan assy. got most of the wires disconnected from engine, pulled maf and assoc hardware off turbo, need to get fuel line off? how does one remove this type of connector? see pic below

as we say in the boating e's on the hard!

Nice car and nice project.  What are you going to do with the bird when you are done pulling the engine?


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