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Three jobs done last weekend; conversion to one wire Powermaster B 57141 alternator, replace turn signal cam, and put new pedal rubber on clutch pedal.
I wanted to (over)kill the insufficient battery charging problem once and for all so opted for a 140 amp Powermaster one wire conversion. I read tons of posts on forum’s about how this is supposed to work, and all I read was that “it only takes one wire”.
I know there’s more people that would like to hear the complete story so here’s how we (me and my stepbrother) did this.
This Powermaster alternator’s case has the same mounting measurements as the 40(!) amp original, so no changes to the brackets. I also ordered a 112 double v-belt pulley, so now I can run double belts on the original double belt Scorpio pulley’s. First we ran a earth wire from the top alternator bolt to the chassis. We discarded the original black charge wire that disappears into the loom (on its way to the dash) and taped it off. The other two wires (that go to the voltage regulator) were also secured out of the way. The connector on the voltage regulator was removed and taped off. The voltage regulator was taken out.
From the alternator we ran a new 4 AWG wire through a 150 amp mega fuse directly to the battery plus post. The starter wire was connected to the charging post on the alternator (keep in mind that I already did a mini starter conversion and bypassed the standard solenoid). From the battery plus post we ran somewhat thinner wire to the plus side of the solenoid.
That’s it, we can later add a voltmeter, run from  the #1 terminal on the alternator (that would be the third wire coming of a one wire alternator…).

Replacing the turn signal cam (Dorman 49301) meant removing the steering wheel with a puller, cutting the original wires and having to shorten them even more because they were worn through in several places. Then it’s a fiddly job to get the wire connections done and get everything tucked away in the least stressful position.

After that, fitting a new Dorman 20731 clutch pedal pad was a 5 second job.   

so i guess it was a alternator problem you had and got it fixed , great , on your turn signal switch , do you know it does come out the top, in case you do not you remove the lower plastic cover and you will see a curved plug in connector , you un plug it and will all slide out so you can go and work on the table next to a cold beer ,  :o

Or a warm beer. You never know, over there in dutch land.

Yep and we dump ice in our Tea also ,  but as for my wife's cooking I sometimes have to quickly eat it before the taste catches up, 😵😵

Thanks for the extra info Blaine, I did loosen the three phillips screws and pulled some on the complete unit but didn't know were it was going so stopped. Next time I'll take it all out.
Would have been so much nicer on the table with an autumn specialty bock beer (yes, cold please) next to it, but on the other hand, then I would probably have got the wires wrong and indicate left when going right.


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