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72 DutchWagon rolling resto

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Donkey was imported to the Netherlands from Oregon in 2014 by somebody who quickly lost interest. I was able to buy the car from him at a real sweet price. In 2015 the engine was swapped for a 1985 version of the same but with factory efi and a five-speed gearbox (T9).
Lots of classic cars are imported from the States to the Netherlands, afterwards many of them find their way to other European countries.

It is interesting that while Ford never sold the Pinto in Europe the 2.0 EAO engine that was built in Germany was referred to as the "Pinto Engine" on Wheelers Dealers. And in that case I believe it was some French 'van like vehicle' that it was used in. So, a Germany motor in a French vehicle that was referenced by name to a car that was never sold in Europe. Strange.

Itís again been a long time, but here we are with some news.
Donkey gets treated to some new used seats, the red ones that are in there arenít the original ones any way (original interior is black, back seat still is), and very much used up.
The new ones arenít perfect, but much better. They are original Recaroís from a 1997 Ford Puma (Europe only), $ 35 each.
I was very pleased to find these at Venyard (, just 15 km from my place. Itís a rather new wrecking yard with all cars photographed and put on the website with location, so you can check at home if they have something interesting.
Iím still looking for a pair of Wagon tailgate springs, if anyone can help me with these Iíd be much obliged.

Nice looking seats!!!

Dwayne :)

Your seats look very nice! They seem to fit well too. I used the T-Bird Turbo Coupe seats just because I had them. The side bolsters are adjustable width but even set as narrow as possible (thankfully I'm one of those skinny Americans) they touch the trans tunnel and sides of the door (lightly).


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