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72 DutchWagon rolling resto

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Yesterday I took donkey to the National Ford parts day, a 200 mile round trip to Barneveld.
Itís not a huge event, and on the parts side, thereís not much for donkey to be found, itís mostly for European Ford products.
The images show Taunus, Consul/Granada and Capriís, not a Stang in sight.
Most people had never seen a Pinto, some didnít know that a wagon was made.
The trip was a good try-out though for the car, average highway speed was between 75 and 80 miles on the gps.  Mpg was around 23. No major problems, no leaking or overheating.
There is lots of vibration going through the car, think Iíll have to take it to a drive shaft specialist. I also have excessive play in the diff,  but no whine, could that add to the vibes? Any other known vibration causes that I should check out?

Thanks for the pics! It's cool to see that many "foreign" fords. I had a german capri when I was younger. I would love to have it back now. It was just a cheap runner for me, back then, but now I see how cool it really was. Your donkey looks about as out of place as mine does at shows here.

(pics from before motor swap)

looks like you got it running good DutchWagon , as for the vibration it could be the drive shaft , if you cut it and did not have it bailanced after , hard to do no mater how careful you try , had mine done when i cut mine , do not worry about the play in the diff, as long as it is quite its ok, might just want to change the oil in it ,

I just ran into an add for a trailer hitch on a Dutch site, advertised as a Mustang II part.
Does anyone have an idea if this might fit my 72 Wagon?

Nope , but let me look and see if I still have one , it was very simple the way it bolted to the car , it fit the sedans also, it would be easy for you to make if I can get a few photos for you , later Blaine


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