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71 coil spring specs

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I am looking for the 71 specs on the front coils with a 2.0.
 free length, coil inside diameter, wire diameter and most important of all spring rate.

Anyone have the original specs would be greatly appreciated, they seem to be a secret, can't find them anywhere and companies that do replacements won't give them.

i beleive i have a moog spring spec book at work,will check it out tomorrow.

This is from the Moog online catalog. They do not show for 71-73 springs but these are for a '74 Pinto without A/C with 2.0 engine. The number was 8542. Follow the link and you can poke around.

Had the same problem finding the coils springs for my 73 wagon,
found a guy who builds pinto sedans and had a set for me.
next best bet is the boneyard.
hoping to get to my pinto yard in a month or so, will snag some if i find them!

There is likely a spring for some other car that has a similar free length, wire diameter, and spring rate. Over in my Studebaker World the rear "Cargo Carrier" springs (and upgrade spring) for the REAR of a late 80's Buick work well for a variable rate, FRONT spring on our Studebakers.

The Moog catalog is full of details that should dial in a similar spring. One just needs to take the time to research the aspects of their original spring and then spend time searching the catalog.


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