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Anyone know of any straight 6 projects ?

There is insufficient room for a straight 6 engine. The straight 4 cylinder barely fits in a Pinto. The only decent straight 6 (Ford wise) is the 300 truck engine and it is big and heavy.  It would probably go back to where the radio knobs are on the dash and assuming a manual trans require an odd, rearward mounted shift lever like the Shelby Cobra has. The Ford 144, 170, 200, 250 engines are ever so slightly shorter but still not practical. And they are limited by a log intake manifold. A Falcon/Maverick/Comet makes a better candidate for the straight 6 as they came with the 144, 170, 200, 250 engines . But, even there it might be a struggle to make the better, bigger 300 motor fit.

Even with the straight 4 cylinder the modern Zetec, Duratec engines would be a better configuration in a Pinto. But the oil pan and cross member seem to be real issue. Without a special built tube chassis the small Pinto engine compartment is a really relegated to what fit originally. There are some V-8 Pinto's out there but it is best those who own them speak for themselves.

It would be interesting to do some measuring just to see. But the first question is are they front sump? I can't remember. The 300 six is really heavy and Pinto's are nose heavy anyway. The 250 would be my choice, the most cu. in. and same size as far as the car engines go.
A V-8 is not a cakewalk either but it is doable. When l put the V-8 in my '71 the swap headers dictated where the engine had to go so l had to move the firewall back. l also used a short water pump but still had to put the radiator in front of the support. l measured very carefully and got a nice fitting radiator that didn't hang way down under the car. IMO that's one of the worst looks going. My support was flat black about a third of the way down from the factory so l repainted it that way and then wherever l could look at the front of the car and see the aluminum radiator, like behind the grill or through the valance that got painted flat black as well. lt gave it a nice clean look.

the 300 had rear or center sump , no front sumps to my knowledge . Stock engine bay won't work , but moving the firewall might allow it and some fab on the oil pan. The smaller sixes now have an aluminum head available  with bolt on intake and they are lighter than a v8. I'm going to research this further and see where it goes. Any input is greatly appreciated and hope to see more.

A friend of mine has a 66 Mustang with a 250, as best as l can measure from the back of the valve cover to the water pump pulley is 28”. I measured a ‘76 model l have and it’s 31” from the firewall  to the radiator support so.....maybe? I think it would be really cool! And different!

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