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So-I sold the bobcat.  A guy drove down from Idaho and picked it up.   Sad to see it go, but after it was hit, and sat for about a year, I was done. 

I gave him all the car show trophies, and memorabilia that I had with the car.  Hopefully, he has as much fun as I did with it.

I removed the car from the classifieds link.   But hopefully, I will see him posting the progress he makes with the car.

Lol-- Ohio not Idaho. I will update the project. Currently still waiting on parts coming in from Summit. Keeping it 2.3/4-speed for now even though I have a complete 2.0L auto from a 72 Pinto and a 2.3 ('95 Ranger) with the M5OD 5-speed and a turbo 2.3 (86 XR4Ti) that had a cylinder miss. Building the second engine the Bobcat came with for now... Got the first (original block-- head gasket blown/pistons and cylinder warped) one off the stand and stripped down to bare block. Redoing the rings and bearings-- ridge reaming and ball honing the second (replacement) block is in progress will be waiting on a Felpro kit (early February according to Summit).

Great to hear you have plans for it.  :)

I'll follow your progress.


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