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So-I sold the bobcat.  A guy drove down from Idaho and picked it up.   Sad to see it go, but after it was hit, and sat for about a year, I was done. 

I gave him all the car show trophies, and memorabilia that I had with the car.  Hopefully, he has as much fun as I did with it.

I removed the car from the classifieds link.   But hopefully, I will see him posting the progress he makes with the car.

Lol-- Ohio not Idaho. I will update the project. Currently still waiting on parts coming in from Summit. Keeping it 2.3/4-speed for now even though I have a complete 2.0L auto from a 72 Pinto and a 2.3 ('95 Ranger) with the M5OD 5-speed and a turbo 2.3 (86 XR4Ti) that had a cylinder miss. Building the second engine the Bobcat came with for now... Got the first (original block-- head gasket blown/pistons and cylinder warped) one off the stand and stripped down to bare block. Redoing the rings and bearings-- ridge reaming and ball honing the second (replacement) block is in progress will be waiting on a Felpro kit (early February according to Summit).

Great to hear you have plans for it.  :)

I'll follow your progress.

So here's a shop/engine update: Felpro/Summit gaskets finally arrived last week for the turbo block that we haven't touched yet. We're on NA block #3 found under our neighbor's work bench (along with a nice amount of bench filth we had to clean off of it-- has been sitting there since late 70s / early 80s). He asked for scrap price of a 2.3 in return for him donating it to us so we've got a whole 20$ in this specific engine block we're building. The other two had some issues on the walls of the cylinders so we didn't end up using them. The rings are going in next. We're still sitting on a massive pile of 2.3/2.0/2.3T parts.

We've been using the new parts cleaner to clean all the old stuff that is getting used as we go along. I've got video of the rotating assembly so far here: (it's not much but hey it's a start). Other projects and some customer cars have been taking up time and space.



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