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So we didn't get video of the rest of the build. I've been busy moving. We did however get the whole thing back together and into the car... here's a few photos-- sorry this is nowhere near in depth as I'd have liked to go...

Looking good.  Please post more pics, especially the underhood area from different angles so I can (selfishly) use your examples as I continue on with my project.  Have you fired it up and how does it run?

First fired up yesterday after straightening up the front core so the radiator would drop back down in without binding on anything. Running good enough to get to the frame shop for now. The drivers door is back to opening a closing after putting a small pull on it and popping a few fender bolts.

It's impressive how bone stock the under the hood is on this one.

Need to run a compression test too as soon as the as the tester comes back from on loan and see how all the cylinders are doing. Moving under its own power for the first time since we got it is pretty cool. I'll post some videos and pictures when I get my other phone back... left it at work charging last night.

Crazy storms here but no hail and no flooding by us. One year anniversary of the storm that dropped a tree on my old place.

Good news...I hope to hear mine running again soon.  I did get it to run before I disassembled the car but it didn't run like a Swiss Watch.  I found the timing belt off a tooth so hopefully it will run better now that it is times properly.  Hopefully by the end of Summer.  Keep us posted on your progress.


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