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Well Tried To Replace The Front Coils, But This Poor Car Has The Original Ball Joints!
Hard To Find And Pricey! Have To Modify The Lowers ( When They Get Here)
And Remove Rivets! (How Fun)
Hopefully I Can Do This Next Week, Have To Get It Off The Ground!

You can either use a grinder or a drill to get rid of the rivets.
Or, since you aren't keeping it bone stock you can get tubular control arms front Speedway. Either just the lowers or all four. They have screw in ball joints.

Got Lower Ball Joints For A 74 Cause I Heard They Could Be Made To Fit,
But I Got Lucky! I Think The Front Was Replaced With A 74 Or Newer As They Look Just Like The Ones I Bought.
My Friend Is A Professional Mechanic And Will Be Helping Me.
Probably Use A Air Chisel And Drill To Remove  The Rivets.

Well I Was Gonna Work On It Today!

Is There Really A Car Under There?


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