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Tommy Mac:
New to the board here...My firs new car was a 1971 2000cc Grabber Green 4 Spd Pinto.  I found one exactly like it and now the fun begins :P

You will have a TON of rust to fix....Look at my posts.... I have parts....

Yeah but look at that perfect grill and bumper!! Score!  ;D

Awesome! What a find! sure wish i had your luck!
working on a couple of 73 wagons myself!
Lots of good folks here that will help with questions.
Welcome and have fun!

Congrats on your find! Let me know if you'd like a list of resources that I have used to locate parts. May I ask how solid are the floor pans? There is a Pinto in Desert Valley Auto Parts ( that supposedly have solid floorboards.

Happy Motoring!


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