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Spotted on E-gay. A new 4 barrel "Offy" V-6 intake for $375. Look under ford pinto. There also is a new(nos) 71/73 grill for $375 too. And a 76 Pinto wagon that looks perfect for $3600. Enjoy!

I have two NOS grills for my 72s & paid (I think) less than 100 each.

Got me a gold mine  ;D

I have a couple near perfect originals. Maybe I got a gold mine too! ;)

Years ago I bought an Offy intake at a thrift store for $6.99 and just bought it for... someday.  I sat on it for more than 20 years thinking it was probably for a Pinto.  But once I owned one it became obvious it was not for a Pinto.  Turns out is is for a Vega and the last two sold on Ebay for over $100.  I listed mine at $9.99 thinking it would draw interest, maybe a bidding war and I'd see just how far over the typical $100 selling price it would go.  I mean, after all a $100 return on a $6.99 item isn't bad.

Well, the auction closed and having set no reserve it sold for - $9.99.  After Ebay fees I might have made a dollar.  Not the $90+ I was expecting. So, you never know.

I bought an aluminum flywheel for a 2.3 for $25 at a swap meet even though I'm a 2.0 guy.  Got home and it was a 2.0 flywheel.  Happy seller was wrong.

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