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Twin Webers or Mikunis?

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Bobcat Racer:
Looking to upgrade my endurance race 1979 Bobcat from a 350 Holley to twin Webers or Mikunis and I had a question for those who have run either setup.  Every single thing I read about these setups recommends using a crank fire ignition and that's just not in the budget.  I know you can run twin Webers with the stock distributor if you run the shorty female cap and rotor.  You have to pull the intake and carbs to swap the distributor but that's easy.
Will the carbs clear with a stock, non-boosted brake master cylinder?  What size Webers are best suited for the 2.3?  40's, 44's?  Same for the Mikunis as we have a set mated to a 2.0 intake.  Leaning towards selling the Mikuni setup and using the funds to go the Weber route.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

On a 2.3, the Webers must have a offset intake to clear distributor, unless it's crankfire ignition. My 2.0 EAO with dual 40 webers doesn't need a large offset manifold  to clear master cylinder and distributor, but I've planned to go with a slender master and remote resevoir to allow for TWM air box and snorkel with velocity stacks. The Mikunis ( Cycle carbs style with cables)  are shorter bodies but still might have issues without correct manifold on a 2.3.
  Dick , want to weigh in on this?  :)

 Pintosopher, a Few venturis short of nirvana!

2.3 Webers will clear the master cylinder with short stacks but finding an air cleaner will be very hard. On my car I ran those cleaners that looked like an old sock.  At the autocross's I just ran screen wire to keep the big junk out. The 2.3 Cannon S shape intake is no longer made and I gave up looking for one after 5 years or so. The very best intake for a 2.3 is the 2.0 intake with 40 dcoe's, BUT requires an adapter plate (home made) to fit on the 2.3. The 40 Webers work better than the 45 Webers on a road course were you are up and down through the gear's. I would pick the Webers BUT ONLY the real Webers from someone like Redline as there are many copy's out there and some are real junk. There is more info and parts for the Webers too. The S shaped 2.3 intake will work ok IF you can find one and will be the easiest one to hook up and get running BUT still the same air cleaner problem as the 2.0 intake. Most people move the master cylinder in side the car with set up's from Tilton. LOTS OF LUCK.

Bobcat Racer:
Thank you both for the info.  I've sourced a Weber intake and a pair of 40's so the Mikuni setup will be going on eBay in the coming week or so. 
This has brought up one additional question.  The Weber intake is for round/oval port and I've got a D port head on my engine.  That isn't compatible since the fuel will pool at the cylinder head.  What's the best course of action to make it all work?

ROAD BLOCK!!!! All the adapter plates I seen are 1/2" or so thick. That by itself is not enough material to blend the two ports. I would use the early head as there isn't a whole lot of difference in the HP. The d port intake work great on early heads but all improvement is because of the intake not the head. Racer Walsh stated in his tech sheet that there was so little difference in the two type of heads it was nothing to worry about. I think trying to blend the intake to head miss fit would be lots of work and cause more problems than you could stand. GO OVAL!


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