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Sympathetic restoration

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I don't have anyone around that can appreciate my car and effort. So, I thought I'd bounce it off of you.

I bought a 73 coupe and have been slowly replacing old/worn out parts. I'm anxious to stay faithful to stock (for the most part).

The interior looked a bit boring though, so I bought a Mustang II console for it. It still needs a tray but I'll add some rubber there for now. At least it's period-correct.  8)

I also used a darker Ford blue on the engine covers. I'll probably change it back later.

Any suggestions on other updates?

1972 Wagon:
Nice looking car! Are those the original seats because they look really good for their age? Mine are completely worn out. Your engine compartment looks show ready. Gives me hope for mine! Keep up the good work!

Thank you!

I had the back of the driver's seat re-upholstered. The rest are original as far as I know.

 An absolutely excellent example of a well cared for Pinto, Your efforts will get some Trophies as you show it more often.
 That engine compartment is pristine...
 You might be able to have this car used in period movies from the Hollywood production companies. Oh yeah!

 Pintosopher, A student of the Obsession, a graduate of the University of Appreciation ;)

VERY Nice! And a reassuring issue for me. I thought only my Pinto had that puckered vinyl on the top edge of the upper door panel. Apparently even NICE Pinto's have that too. That engine compartment just screams SIMPLICITY.  If only ever car was like that.  Thanks for sharing.


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