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74/80 Pinto / Mustang II brakes can be made to fit, but with much work. Search on here as I think someone had a post about it in the past.

john hamilton:
I'm curious if the Granada swap will work on the '71 spindles.  Are the spindles themselves the same dimensions?  If the Granada rotors will bolt on, I can build my own caliper brackets. 

Or perhaps changing to the later cross member and using Mustang 2 front suspension and brakes.  If I go that route, should I use one of the aftermarket cross members or modify an original late model Pinto cross member to fit the earlier frame rails?

I've thought about building a full frame from Alston or S&W race cars, but I really want to drive it on the street.  If I go that far, it'll end up as a race car.

I really want a Pro-Touring type of car.  Power, comfort, handling and style!

I have never heard of anyone doing a 74 / 80 cross member swap into an early Pinto. There's always a first and that would give you better brakes and steering rack. Lots of work, but I think you are up to it. If you go this way, keep us informed along the way. Good luck but just remember that a 74/80 Pinto would fix all.


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