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New to me 1978 Pinto Wagon

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I joined this website just over 13 months ago. Earlier this year posted a wanted ad here and on Craigslist and after three bad leads I landed my Pinto wagon...

Looks like a good one!  Enjoy!

Dwayne :)

Nice car!

What are your plans for it? hint, read my threads and DON'T DO THAT!  ::)


Long term plans are to go BIG...BIG power (SVO/Turbo power)...BIG brakes...BIG wheels (5 lug 15" or 16" rims).

Paint is long term also, the car is a 10 footer, my wagon supposedly has only 22K original miles (it does appear to the have the original exhaust complete with catalytic converter) but the previous owner left the car sitting outside under a cover for 15 the paint is toast (cracked everywhere).

I see Steele Rubber Products sells window seals and windshield gaskets for wagons, so I will probably buy those sooner than later in case they become made of "unobtainium".

Short term, get it running...sinc e it has not been driven in about 6 years. Go through all the systems to make it drivable and dependable, it was parked due to a transmission leak.

Again short term this year, change to the 1974-1975 headlight bezels and grille then tuck the front and rear bumpers in closer, add 2" exhaust and new tires.

Hitting car cruises, hanging out and listening to Pinto jokes this Summer would be my main goal.


--- Quote from: russosborne on April 07, 2018, 10:23:23 PM ---Nice car!

What are your plans for it? hint, read my threads and DON'T DO THAT!  ::)


--- End quote ---

Couple more photos of the car (and parts) safe and sound in my garage and some info...

I bought my wagon off of Craiglist (previous owner answered my wanted ad) and it was only 6 miles from my home for 20 years without me ever seeing it. And my mother-in-law lives just 1/2 mile literally down the road from it...on the same street!

Not much known about the car other than it was a based model with the only option being the automatic transmission.

I am now the 4th owner. The guy I bought it from bought it in 1998 just south of Cincinnati in Kentucky with 18K miles. While in Colorado for work he grabbed a bunch of stuff from a Pinto in a wrecking yard. He added the tachometer, steering wheel, rallye wheels and not on the car yet are sport mirrors which I have.

He also added air conditioning, completely removing the dash and doing an installation that is as close to "factory" as you can get.

He also gathered up all the parts to convert the car to a factory 4-speed...and almost all the parts for a 5-speed Merkur setup .



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