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Building a 74 Pintero. Build is ready for paint, hope to have it on the road by July 2018. All steel construction. 2.5" by /120 tube roll bar and rails. Five bolt 8' rear-end, new 5bolt rotors.  YouTube video at:

That's nice looking work

ELABORATE!!! Obviously some metal working skills going on there. I like the way the roll bar is integrated, as well, the overshoot on the rear portion of the roof.  Not sure what your paint scheme is but even the contrast of the bare metal to the original green seems to nicely accentuate the work done.

If I see one down side to the Pintero it is that the stubby Pinto wheel base becomes more obvious.  If only the rear wheels were a few inches more to the rear. That said, the stance and wheel/tire choice do their best to help with that.  Thanks for sharing. It is enjoyable to see such craftsmanship and design.  Please keep us posted as the project develops.

Great ideas, fantastic fab work! Love that clean little four banger.

I'm thinking a white paint with Metallic Blue stripes ala Ford Shelby GT 500. Any thoughts?


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