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New Pintero Build

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Lonny Candel:
You cannot go wrong with white! I like white on some classic cars. Sometimes, bright colors don't do it for me; I am not too much into racing stripes, body kits, or race wheels unless the car has the engine to back it up. Although, a car that came stock with stripes is ok like some of the Pintos, Fairmont Futuras, or Grand Torinos.

Holy Moley! Awesome build!

I can't even find the time to get out in the garage to try and get mine running.


In a recent episode of  Wheeler Dealers they fixed up a Jeep Grand Wagoneer and painted it a dark metallic blue with dark woodgrain trim. I think your Pintero painted a deep metallic, maybe to match your engine, with gloss clear coated Pinto Squire woodgrain trim on its sides and tailgate, would look very cool. Maybe a 2" drop. Just a thought. 

Very cool! Im excited to see this finished!
[/size][size=0px]I see you are in Boise, me too! By any chance are you bringing this to the Emmett Snow n' Shine in July??[/size]


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