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Author Topic: need advice for more horsepower for my 1980 hatchback pinto for dirt oval track  (Read 1451 times)

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hello fellow pinto owners,
I have a 1980 pinto hatchback. i would like to have a lot of horsepower for oval dirt track racing. I read somewhere that if I have a head with a D open combustion chamber they flow the best if ported and polished. does anyone know if that D port head comes stock in my pinto? if not does anyone know where I could get one? I have the car 95% gutted, didn't get to the motor yet . any help would be grateful.  ;D

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The first link below gives a description of various 2.3 heads.  The second link shows typical flows for stock and ported.  I believe you have to sign up for his forum to view these links.
According to these links, the Pinto 2.3 heads were of the oval port and open D combustion chamber design.
Jerry J - Jupiter, Florida